Thursday, March 31, 2005

What does "GP" mean (regarding Saddle Blankets)

I got an email asking:

I'm form Austria and now I want to by a saddle blanket in new Zealand. What
does Gp mean??
thank you Irina"

If anyone out there knows, please reply! (my email is info@ultimatehorsesite.com)


Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Sunshine! I will ride....

The sun is shining and it's nice out-- after days of rain, hail, cold, etc. -- and I'm going to go for a ride on Maverick( he's a big, adorable TWH). Yay!

Monday, March 28, 2005

Equine Poetry Contest

I've added the newest contest to the site, the Equine Poetry Contest. Check it out -- if you don't write poetry, send it to someone who does!!
I'm not sure what I'm going to be giving out for prizes yet. Want to donate a prize? You can email me. But I know the top poems will be posted on the site, for the world to see! :-)

Horse Hooves to Bubblegum

I'm working on an article for the site that lists wive's tales and superstitions related to horses.
For example, that a horseshoe is good luck, or that horse hoof put into a microwave turns into bubblegum (?? I have no idea where that originated....Do you? How long do you cook it for?).

I just read about a "Nail Test" to determine pregnancy/foal sex. You take a hair from the mare's tail, and tie a nail to it. Then you hold it above the mare's hips... and if it doesn't swing, she's not pregnant. If it swings in a circle, she's carrying a filly; if it swings straight, a colt.

Uh, my gelding's gonna have a colt... :D

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Foal

I checked my email to find a Foalnet alert (it's an alert sent out if a mare is foaling on camera) and I was just in time to see Abby, and appy mare, have her baby! It's a colt and sure is cute. :-)

A Mascot's favorite site?

This is a first.... I was checking my visit stats, which include where visitors come from.
So I find out that a football team's mascot's favorite website is.... ultimatehorsesite.com! "Blaze", the horse mascot for the Austin Wranglers, has my site listed as his favorite. Makes sense, this *is* the "Ulimate" horse site, you know.

His favorite hero? Mr. Ed. Favorite historical figure? Seabiscuit, of course. But I think Blaze needs to gain a little weight--- actually a heck of a lot of weight-- he's listed as 7' 5" tall (equivalent to 22.5 hands high), but only 450 lbs! He's gotta gain, I'd say, about 1,550 more....

No Foalies Tonight

Or at least no foals on the barncams I'm watching. I have been watching Patches and "Love you Anita" which are both supposed to foal any time now...
I don't have any foals coming this year, so it's fun to watch other's mares foal :-)
I added two little links on the left of the blog, one to Braingle and one to Foalnet, which is where you can find the due dates & barn cams for pregnant mares.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Foal cam - false alarm

I was watching the foalcam for Patches late last night, and I saw this:

For a long time she was laying there, she moved her head up and down and swished her tail.... I thought she was about to pop, but then she got up and just stood there. Dang it!

You can to go Foalnet to see a list of Foalcams & mares due dates! It's pretty neat.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

My new blog!

Well, after thinking for awhile that it would be nice to have my own blog, I've finally gone ahead & created one for myself. I always have these little comments, ideas, thoughts, or links that I want to post but don't want to create an entire page or article on my website. My blog will be like my notebook on the site-- if I see a cool link, a neat idea, some little bit of news, etc. I will post it here. So check back often :-)

What do you think? Is this a good idea, or a waste of time? I won't know until I try :-)