Monday, June 19, 2006

Sick and sore...

I went on my first ride in months, a few days ago I hopped on Mo bareback
and galloped around quite a bit... a nice way to get back into riding shape!
Trotting and cantering circles, getting her to bend, riding a few playful bucks
for an hour or so... my legs and lower back are killing me now, even though
it's been a few days. Bareback riding makes you work so much more than
riding saddled does (I've never been that sore even after long saddle rides),
and you start to appreciate it when you hop off and aren't able to move! It's a lot better for your muscles and balance and riding skills, especially when you are on a jolty horse like Mo.

I got really sick and I've spent the last few days in bed... I suppose I should
just be glad that I got sick after, and not before, finals, but in any case it's hard to be happy about getting sick. I was sick the week before finals, then well during final's week, and then right after...sick again. Maybe I've been sick all along but I was miraculously well for a few days while I did my finals. Too bad colds aren't like that movie "the ring", where if you pass them on to someone else they leave you alone forever... without the dying in 7 days thing, of course.

This afternoon I was feeling a little better and ventured outside my room, and
the weather is sooo warm, I just had to go for a ride, headache and fever and soreness and
all. I went for a very short ride, again bareback, and strangely my soreness
is better after that ride.


  • Horses always make you feel better, don't you know that?

    Sorry you've been feeling crummy.

    PS I love bareback riding!

    By Anonymous Dancer, at 1:17 PM, August 21, 2006  

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