Sunday, March 27, 2005

A Mascot's favorite site?

This is a first.... I was checking my visit stats, which include where visitors come from.
So I find out that a football team's mascot's favorite website is.... ultimatehorsesite.com! "Blaze", the horse mascot for the Austin Wranglers, has my site listed as his favorite. Makes sense, this *is* the "Ulimate" horse site, you know.

His favorite hero? Mr. Ed. Favorite historical figure? Seabiscuit, of course. But I think Blaze needs to gain a little weight--- actually a heck of a lot of weight-- he's listed as 7' 5" tall (equivalent to 22.5 hands high), but only 450 lbs! He's gotta gain, I'd say, about 1,550 more....


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