Monday, June 26, 2006

Barrel Race - Pics!

I bought a digital camera this weekend in time to take pics of the barrel race my sister Caterina went to.
I didn't run and Cat rode Teko, her big paint. He came in 1st in the 1D in one race and 2nd in the 1D in another, which is a lot better than we expected, since he hasn't been run in almost a year!

Teko was excited to go, he really missed barrel racing. When he saw us hooking up the horse trailer he came over to the fence and watched, and then peed because he knew he'd be travelling. He loves barrel racing so he's easy to haul, he loads nicely, ties nicely, and always behaves well.

Teko standing at the trailer tacked up.

Teko and Cat before racing.

Some still shots from the video of her last run (16.35, which was 2nd in the 1D; no, it's not a standard pattern!). They are really grainy but at least you can see part of the run!

Cat cooling Teko out after the run. He got several treats.

Tied at the trailer.

After untacking, Cat hosed him off and offered him water.

Me & Teko. He really didn't care about getting a pic with me, he prefers Cat.

Cat and Teko after he was loaded up to go home.


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