Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Scent-detecting horses

This is interesting:


While reading history, you will find examples on how the horse's scenting ability helped early pioneers find water, warn them when danger was near and for hunting. One example of this can be found in the book The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris. In this book they describe how Roosevelt used his horse's air scenting abilities to hunt buffalo. Other examples on how the horse’s scent locating abilities were used for hunting can be found in the book The Mustangs by J. Frank Dobie. History tells us that in the days when horses were used for man's survival, their natural air scent locating ability played a much more important role than most people are aware of. I have taken this lost art from a state of oblivion and developed a innovative training program, so equine scent detection could be used in today’s modern world.


  • 2722Ok,I have had my horses do some great stuff. I hunt with them often and ride around MT. Hood in Oregon. I have been on a few rescues. I have had my share of lets go this way and my horse tell me no home is this way or truck ect.I thought how cool it would be to go on a rescue and have my horse help find who Iam trying to find.please help me teach my horses and others this way to work with my horses. We are one and work so good togeather I know this could help save the life of a lost person.jcarls09@yahoo.com

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:05 PM, December 10, 2012  

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