Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Filly's Tail Set on Fire

This story was recently posted on our message board. A group of teenage girls attacked a 2-yr old filly named Dixie, spraying her tail with flammable liquid then setting it on fire, and laughing as she ran and screamed in terror.

The filly's owner was away at the time of the attack.
Dixie tail and dock were seriously burned, leaving gaping wounds, and her initial chance of survival was set at 60%. Her owners spend 6 hours a day changing bandages, and the filly is on antibiotics and bute. Even if she does recover, she may need to have the tail amputated or may not be able to grow hair back.

I was shocked at the cruelty of this case and hope posting might bring more attention and help to Dixie. I don't know how anyone can be so evil as to purposefully injure an animal like this. Apparently the brats later bragged to classmates about doing it.

You can visit Dixie's page for photos, how to contact her owners, and how to send donations:
Warning- graphic photos

The owners have received, according to this story, 5,000 phone calls, some in support, and some critisizing the owners for not putting the horse down. I found this shocking-- who would be rude (or ignorant?) enough to call a stranger and assume to know what's best for their horse?

The filly is recovering and her chances of survival are now up to 90%.


  • That is SOOOOO bad, i read it on the Horse Board and it just makes me wanna have a fit. =(

    I'll set the girls hair on fire who did it...=(

    By Blogger HorseKid, at 10:20 PM, September 08, 2005  


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:11 PM, October 18, 2005  

  • Oh My God!!!! What is this world coming to,when young girls can do this to our presious animals.This drives me crazy & sick to my stomach.:o(.Pleaseeee dont let them get away with this.

    By Blogger Mini menagerie, at 2:41 PM, November 04, 2005  

  • That's terrible! How could those girls DO that ?! Things like that make me want to SCREAM!!!!!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:45 AM, November 11, 2005  

  • AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH how could those teens do that??? why why why???? stupid teens...why would they effect such harmless creatures?????

    By Blogger jamieau@hotmail.com, at 12:09 AM, February 14, 2006  

  • This makes me so mad! I want scream anytime i hear about anyone hurting our beloved horses, and i'm going to - AAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!
    I hope those girls got SEVERLY punished. Does this mean that they are going to run around and light peoples hair on fire? HOW could anyone do this, it makes me almost literally sick! This just makes me want to find these girls, run up to them, scream for a good long whil, then light their hair on fire, and laugh hystarically!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:42 AM, February 18, 2006  

  • AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hearing about things like this makes me scream. That is soooooooo cruel! It makes me sick.

    By Anonymous dancer, at 3:37 PM, March 13, 2006  

  • That kind of stuff makes me just shudder. I can't think of anyone who could get enjoyment out of hurting animals like that. Or hurting humans like that, for that matter, but that's beside the point. Equal parts cruel and scary, but more cruel than scary.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:53 PM, August 08, 2007  

  • I just heart about this, I know 3 1/2 years later. I just cannot wrap my mind about why people abuse animals. I hope these girls have been charged and get the "help" they need or more then likely they will be hurting other people or their children next.

    By Blogger AngelaG, at 8:55 AM, February 12, 2009  

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