Saturday, July 30, 2005

"Animal Rights" Extremists Protest Horse Show

A Scotland show with Andalusians, Friesians, and other highly-trained horses is being protested by radical 'animal rights' protesters, under the claim that the riders use tight reins to control the horses, and riding is a strain on their muscles....
How long until they go after local horse shows and events, or even horseback riding in general?

"A cast of 30 horses from Russia, Holland, Germany, Spain and the UK star
in Europe's largest equestrian touring theatre show tomorrow.
The show involves Spanish horsemen on classic Andalusian mounts, Cossack daredevil riders, Arabian stallions, equestrian ballet and friesians. "

The campaign manager of the extremist group:

"Horses used in circuses are often controlled by tight reins. These, along with some of the tricks they are made to perform, can place an unnatural and severe strain on their muscles. This company makes money out of forcing horses to perform degrading and unnatural tricks."

Source: http://news.scotsman.com/edinburgh.cfm?id=1706082005

Seeing a skilled horse and rider perform is beautiful. It is not a 'trick', nor is it a severe strain or abuse.

No sane person wants to see animals abused, but 'animal rights' groups go too far in attacking anything that has to do with animals. There is an alternative to the extremists groups, with 'animal welfare' groups such as National Animal Interest Alliance -- promoting the well-being and proper care of animals but not banning their use all together. Before you send money to something that sounds innocent like a "Humane Society", make sure it's not working to destroy the wonderful relationship between animals and people.

New Article on the website: "The Unknown Danger", an article by Ron Hevener, that describes an incident where a horse farm was attacked by extremists.


  • Most folks who show their horses treat them better than their human counterparts. Horse showing is just another avenue to enjoy the beauty and grace of your equine companion. It benefits all horses because of the pristine care taken to make sure that the horses are in tip top condition, health-wise as well as appearance which in turn keeps horsekeeping practices current and available to everyone. Without these avenues to enjoy horses, ownership and the ability to enjoy these majestic creatures is at risk. It is the ultimate in preserving the equine lifestyle as it promotes business interests tied to horses and we all know that "money talks....." These show horses are getting a lot better care than a lot of "backyard" horses whose owners have becomed bored with them.
    There will always be the few exhibitors who are the "bad examples" by pushing their horses too far. But the majority take great care of their horses and the shows truly are a celebration horses which keeps the equine community viable.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:48 PM, August 27, 2005  

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