Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Parade in Washington D.C. in Sept

I recieved an email the other day after our newsletter went out:

Hello Ultimate Horsesite!
I love your site & your newsletter. I wanted to let you know that on Saturday September 3, 2005 we (grassroots organization - United States Equine National Treasure Association) are sponsoring a Parade in Washington D.C. called "Ride for Freedom, The Spirit of the Horse" to celebrate the history of the horse and all equines to support the ban on horse-slaughter in the United States.

We have room for 300 parade-ready horses, 30 wagons or carriages and 100 Ford Mustangs to honor Ford Motor Company in their efforts to save the wild mustangs sent to slaughter. The ride is FREE.(10$ administration fee for getting your parade # etc.) It is for every person that would like to participate and be at the White House to make our voices heard that it is NOT ok to slaughter horses. We do not care if those who want to go agree with everything on our site - we are giving those who want to raise their voices loud and clear an opportunity to be in Washington D.C. on horseback, on carriages, on foot or in any year model Ford Mustang. We have made arrangements with a Cedarville State Forest for camping with your horse(s) and also have a list of hotels that may provide discounted rates for the Ride for Freedom, Spirit of the Horse. Camping fees are $25 per nite. Please check out our site, www.usenta.org We hope you will link your site and help spread the word.

Thank you,Patti Stafford

You can go to www.usenta.org to find out more about the organization.