Sunday, April 24, 2005

Silent Witness Wins Again

Silent Witness has won again-- his 17th consecutive win, making him the current record holder for most consecutive race wins. Cigar and Citation tie second with 16 consecutive wins each.

A sponsor has offered $3 million for a matchup at the Santa Anita Park track in
Los Angeles, with the winner taking home $2 million and the rest going to the
loser, the South China Morning Post reported, quoting Silent Witness' owner,
Archie da Silva.

Ghostzapper, an American horse described as a 'freak' because of his speed, may race against Silent Witness in a match race some time in the future, which is exciting. Ghostzapper is the world's top-rated racehorse and the winner of the Breeder's Cup Classic.

Both horses are five year olds. It's nice to see mature horses racing-- a lot of horse people feel that 2 and 3 is too young to begin riding, let alone racing, as a horse's bones and body have not matured yet. This reminds me, I should set up an age chart on my site, comparing horse age to human age. Each horse year is equivalent to 3 human years (roughly)-- so a 5-year-old horse equivalent to a 15-year-old in human years.


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