Monday, April 18, 2005

Horse Rescue Bracelet

My "Until They Are Safe" bracelet arrived today! This was a bracelet I recieved from 'Habitat for Horses', a nonprofit equine rescue & education center.
The bracelets are worn to show your support of horses, and the ending of horse slaughter (there are 3 foreign-owned plants that process American horses for human consumption overseas).

I actually thought they were all the same until mine arrived today, I now see that they feature different horses to remember...

The metal bracelets have an image created after a rescued slaughterbound horse, and a line describing one healthy American horse that was slaughtered in one of the plants.

If you have a bracelet, let me know what horse is on yours! Mine is "Bay QH Gelding, 15 hands, Branded - Slaughtered on 10/11/04"

You can get one for $15 at Habitat for Horses.


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